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» Commencing a New Chapter

Coming back to China has awaken feelings of embarking yet another chapter of my life. Although my life as a full-time student after many years has come to an end and the commencement of my career path is no more just imminent, I still bear characteristics of being a poor student hehe. Graduating after studying my whole life since being a child is relieving but at the same time peculiar since it has been a great deal of my life from waking up early in the morning to going to sleep -- every single day.


Smiles keep flicker across my face whenever I see things in China amusing to my perception different from habitual life. 


The first thing that underlined me being back in China was in the Beijing airport. For sure, in Beijing the service people indeed demonstrate why a "uniform" is called a "uniform". Their uniforms are always either too small or too big! Often, it is the latter case. There seems only to be a "uni" kind of "form"... "uni" as like in "universal".. and one kind of "form" for these people to wear... a "universal-kinda-form" I guess hehe.. Oh well, don't know if I'm making myself clear. Looks kinda funny - and cute also - when the uniforms are always too big.


Hawking and spitting is no news... think I'm getting used to that. I'm afraid I'll join them soon in this particular way of relieving pressure from the nose and throat haha. Especially since I've become a victim of a serious cold that has developed into coughing preventing me from breathing normally. Oh, and not to forget... taxi drivers being amused about my taxi Chinese is still an existing phenomenon.


It's good to be back in Beijing and feel the dynamics of the city... but my thoughts are still occupied about you guys in Denmark. Thank you guys for memories and fun pre-Beijing experiences.


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Dec 31
» Happy New Year!


Returning to pavements without hawks and gobs of spit... to traffic conditions without crazy raging taxi drivers ("you guai" or was it "you gui"...) and where traffic lights actually serve their purpose... and to deep air intakes without atmospheric pollution... Oh, I almost forgot... and no over-excited and super happy ladies wanting to hug me hehe.
The sense of joy of being back to conversant surroundings and having near and dear ones close, make smiles flicker across my face. Even so, flows of thoughts reminiscent of cherished experiences in Beijing drawing me into a reverie reflect the happy moments in my life.

Smiling... the vividness of my memories.

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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Dec 8
» Apotheosis



Sometimes Our Minds See What Our Hearts Wish Were True





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Dec 2
» Thinking of you


Reminiscing about the fun memories. My path in life... Sharing moments of momentous happiness... This is a dedication for you guys.


Thinking of you...


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Nov 24
» Chinese Lesson No. 2
Yet another thing I have figured out about communication efficiency and understanding of a language you don't yet master (yes, you read correctly -- don't YET master hehe) is the importance of gesticulation.
I had a quite fun experience at the office... one out of many memorable and challenging communication experiences I have in Beijing. Ok, so there is this lady in my office. For some reason, she always looked extremely happy whenever she saw me and, surprisingly, wanted to give me hugs. So I thought "Ok, apparently... for some reason... I don't know what the reason could possibly be... she is very cheerful whenever I appear". But I thought that if I can make this lady smile then I am glad... because I'm spreading some kind of happiness I guess? hehe... Unless the reason for her cheerfulness is related to all the cookie crumbs in my face haha ^.^ Anyways, she is extremely talkative even though I'm trying to tell her that I don't understand her and then she just laughs at me and hugs me... which confuses me even more.

So, since I realize I am not capable of actually making this nice lady understand that I don't master Chinese after several times, I seek advanced language help (more advanced than my taxi level Chinese... "you guai"... "yao guai") at one of my collegues for better clarification about what all this hugging and smiling is about. The first part of the translation was about that she likes me a lot... which I kind of figured from her gesticulation already. But then, apparently, the translation gradually revealed that she has a son... and that this son studies engineering... And then I was like "2+2 makes 4". So, to the great amusement of my collegue, who was translating for me, he was like "She would like to have you as her daughter-in-law". And I was like "What?!" All this time I was trying to communicate with her about "Wo ting bu dung" or pointing at my watch telling her "Yes, I am off work around 7 PM" haha =P
This time, my language challenge was not related to pronunciation of Chinese but rather understanding gesticulation.

Yup, that was Chinese lesson no. 2
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