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» Friendship Knows No Bounds
I see life as a journey and embrace whomever and whatever  that cross my path. People I meet in my life all play a part in shaping it. Thus, the memories we share are cherished moments in my life.

The past two weeks, I have had the chance of sharing great fun and reminiscences with friends on visit in Beijing. Thanks Kelly and David for loads of fun! Meeting up with friends after not having seen each other for almost a year was a great feeling - and also because of the location of meeting up. Suddenly, the world seems like a smaller place. We went to see the Chinese acrobatics show. So amazing how people are actually capable of exposing their bodies to such extreme but graceful movements.

As for work, things have been busy but is returning to normal work pace again since all the big events were mostly concentrated in the end of October. Vestas recently participated in the Global Wind Power Exhibition, where many significant players within the wind industry were present in order to promote their contribution as to how to supply the world with sustainable energy. It was really interesting since you got the chance of getting acquainted with competitors and their way of approaching the need of increasing green energy supply.
There was a photographer present at the exhibition to take pictures. Apparently, he has been taking candid pictures capturing moments of natural actions and behavior. And for sure, some of the pictures have really captured one of my natural actions. Greediness.... or is it called piggishness? ^.^
Having FunDrinksStarsGraceful MovementsSymmetryGabrielle and I in front of the Forbidden CityGabrielle with funny eating stikcsFriendsGWP Exhibition 2008Will and ICookie JarBlowing in the Wind
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Oct 28
» b!rthdaY CelebrAtion
One year older... ... doesn't necessarily imply less cake eating =P Where there is cake, there is Trinh =D

I had a good day sharing a yummy birthday cake (it should be interposed that it was a CHOCOLATE cake -- very important hehe) with my collegues. The cake looked really good and tasty before my boss decided to promote Vestas even more by dismantling the blades from one of our small wind turbine models and cram it into the cake haha.

Ordering the cake itself was quite a challenge since the personnel at the bakery store doesn't speak English and I don't yet master Chinese -- same old story hehe. I was just excited about looking at the showcase containing every imaginable cake. I felt like being in the seventh heaven =D However, I managed to order the yummy chocolate cake in the end by taking advantage of another person's Chinese language skills hehe.  The translation was quite funny and confusing since English and Chinese was totally mixed up... while I was just excited about the size of the cake =P

Thank you all for your birthday wishes!
Birthday Cake with WTG BladesHow Does This Crown Work?Happy Cause I'm About to Eat Cake!Such a Yummy Cake!Silly Birthday ChildSurprise CakeMy Birthday Crown =PLook at the Chocolate Crumbs =P
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Oct 24
» Time Flies


Staying in Beijing has made me realize how fast time flies! Since my last update of my blog, things have been quite busy at work since we had to prepare for the so-called "Danish-Chinese Climate Change Conference" with the CEO of Vestas, Ditlev Engel, and the Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh, attending. It was quite exciting except for the fact that I had really bad luck in becoming a victim of food poisoning the night before the actual conference. Despite serious stomach convulsions and constant nausea that made me feel really sick, I was stubborn enough to show up at work in order to see the CEO and the Prime Minister. Even though it ended up with me going to the hospital and being in pain, I was glad I had the chance to work half a day and to attend such a big event since the preparations for this conference had been going on for several weeks. I even managed to shake hands with the great CEO I work for, Ditlev Engel, haha... and I saw the Prime Minister in real life =P

The month of October has brought me lots of challenges and fun experiences. Among other things, I and my collegue, Fory, went to Shanghai for a conference where  we represented Vestas for among 300 delegates -- if I was nervous?! You bet! I have never done a speech in front of that many people before >.< Anyways, both of us managed and it turned out to be a quite successful conference.

I have gotten to know my collegues even more and realize how nice it is to work with them. The working environment is very decisive for how you thrive at the office and I must say that so far I am very happy to be here. Besides these feelings, my mind has also been occupied with many other thoughts. I have always been of the opinion that you should never take anything for granted and that you should value the things you have in your life - whether closely related to you or not. Everyday is a gift and I take it as a challenge in life. Despite the geographical distances, I still think of the people who have crossed my path in life -- if not everyday, then often.

Putting the philosophical thoughts aside, I hope you will enjoy some of the pictures that summarize more or less some of things I have been experiencing the past couple of weeks. As to my Chinese language skills... I think I am improving a bit hehe... I mean I have a better chance of understanding what is actually going on but am incapable of answering them >.< But so far, so good =D




The AIESEC Conference DelegatesThe Winning Team of the Case CompetitionHolding the Vestas Keynote SpeechJudging the Case CompetitionTaking a Break During the Case CompetitionSolving the Vestas Business CaseBeautiful Temple in ShanghaiMe in Front of the Shanghai TV TowerFory and I in Front of the Gate to Zhou Zhang After the ConferenceOldschool Way of Cinema in a Little Street in Shanghai.. So Cute!Shanghai By NightAmazing Architecture of the Shanghai Buildings





Celebration at the Office, My collegues and I =PWhen There's Cake, There's Trinh =DVestas -- No. 1 in Modern Energy!GoOdbye Party for Our Collegue, Morten. He actually reads Chinese!Bina, A Great Collegue and Friend of Mine Celebration at the OfficeTwo Collegues FoOling Around Taking Pics =D


Great times -- great memories!


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Sep 30
» Chinese Lesson No. 1


Ok, I have figured out that the importance of pronouncing Mandarin is crucial when communicating with Beijing people... it shouldn't come as a surprise but seriously, I have quite fun experiences when learning how to speak Mandarin haha.


I have been taught that Mandarin has four different tones, whereof two of them are very difficult for me to differentiate. Vietnamese has five different tones but seriously, Mandarin's four tones are really challenging one's oral skills. Making yourself clear and understandable takes quite a lot of practice -- especially when you're like me, i.e. no prior knowledge of Mandarin before you're actually among Mandarin-speaking people ONLY! Yell


The only few words I've become acquainted with are from the movie "The Journey to the West" aka "Monkey King" since I've been a huge fan of this Chinese tv series as a little child. So far, it hasn't helped me much hehe... only brought more confusion and muddle, especially when it comes to pronouncing the words so that the person actually understands you and not just looks weird at you... which happens almost every single time Tongue out


Like the other day, I was practicing my taxi level Chinese... words like "left", "right", "straight ahead"..."stop" -- which, in Mandarin, is not called "stop" at all but "tíng" hehe. Anyways, I'm trying to pronounce the word "right", which is "you guai" in Mandarin. I happened to pronounce it as "yao guai" and this has a totally different meaning, namely "ghost". Imagine this situation: I'm like "you guai, you guai", which is "go right, go right" in my head... and the taxi driver is like "Na r, na r?!?!" and freaking out cause he thinks I'm saying there's a ghost and he goes "Where, where?!?!" haha Tongue out I think the reason why I'm mixing up those two words with similar pronunciation is because of my childhood memories when I heard the Pig in "Monkey King" repeat that word all too often whenever he saw ghosts.

Yup, that was Chinese lesson no. 1.


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Sep 22
» Three Weeks' Impression of Beijing


Beijing - the city of life and dynamics! I arrived in Beijing International Airport about three weeks ago and that was quite an experience in itself. The airport terminal is huge and the design of the construction resembles the OL stadium - just like the Bird's Nest. It was built with the sole purpose of receiving all the OL guests during the Olympics back in August. Quite amazing to see what Chinese are able to accomplish within a very short period of time.

Luckily I recovered very quickly from my jetlag. I started working the day after I arrived and I was really excited about the new challenges I was to face at the new job. Maybe that is the reason why I felt over-energetic, no sleep and too much excitement. So far, I am really happy about my job - it provides me with lots of challenges not only in the sense that the wind industry is very interesting and dynamic but also in the sense that the greater part of communication is in Mandarin. And my listening and spoken skills of mastering Mandarin is pretty... noOb level Tongue out Not to mention my written Chinese skills haha. It is quite fun though not being able to communicate with people in public. They don't understand English... and I don't understand Mandarin so sign language has become really well-used daily communication tool. I must say I am really learning Mandarin the hard way. I am constantly paying attention to the words that are coming out of the Chinese people's mouth... that sentence sounds familiar..."Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!?!" Tongue out I am really trying to pick up Mandarin... so far I have survived by key sentences like "Wo ting bu dong" and "Wo bu qi dao" hehe... counting and bargaining as well "Duo shao qian" and "Tai gui le" haha. Got to make sure I buy the stuff here as cheap as possible =P My appearance pretty much goes for a Chinese I guess... because they all speak Chinese to me... but I still suck at bargaining since they will rumble me sooner or later when they find out I am a fake Chinese Tongue out

I still have to get used to many things here. It is quite normal, apparently, for people to hawk and spit on the streets... like right next to your feet almost. It is really yukky... but then again not as yukky when children just wee-wee openly in the streets. Also right next to you. I was speechless haha. Oh, and traffic lights seem only to serve as a nice visual display in the daily traffic life. They drive like crazy here in Beijing! Especially taxi drivers! A ride in a taxi sometimes corresponds to a crazy roller coaster joyride. Pedestrians have no prioritization whatsoever! Cars will run you down and the drivers do not feel sorry for you at all. So, crossing the roads is also quite a challenge if you value your life hehe. Oh, a quite hilarious experience is when it starts pouring! Chinese run around seeking places to hide from the rain as if they were running and trying to hide from Godzilla. Ok, still... when it rains here, it's pretty stormy-like weather but to put it in the way Chris Tucker expresses it then they are running around like "Gayaga, gayaga!" Haha.. I have never seen anything like that before Wink

But besides those out-of-the ordinary and quite attention grabbing experiences, which is kinda non-existent back home, Beijing is a great city! Beijing is really beautiful and offers many different kinds of gastronomic experiences (and desserts hehe Tongue out), cultural and historic buildings, monuments and streets. Oh, and massage! I really enjoy it since the price-ratio, and quality-wise as well, is immensely cheap in Beijing compared to what my physiotherapist charges me back home for only half an hour... Hope she's not reading this hehe. Since I have quite long working days... about 8.30 in the morning until 19.00, I don't have much time to do anything other than work-related activities during the weekdays. So far, Beijing has brought me lots of challenges in many ways and bunches of fun Laughing

I hope you all are doing great!


Me arriving in BeijingAt Beijing Railway StationIn TianjinRiding the 324 km/hr trainWhich way is it?Being Super Asian!Being Even More AsianAt The Bird's Nest, Olympic StadiumAt Sun Nan's Concert, Olympics Green DomainIn front on the Water CubeIn front of Bird's NestUp-right PostureBlinking TowerSuper Team



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