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» Chinese Lesson No. 3


Oki... so last week I started getting really happy cause I thought I finally made some progress in handling Mandarin. Usually, I'm not capable of communicating with the very talkative "housemaids/umfufus" also known as "a yi's" in the office... and this has been quite clear from previous experience hehe..."yes, yes I'm off at 7 pm".


Anyways, so I'm supposed to do a company presentation about Vestas for a delegation of about 20ish people, which meant that I needed to have some coffee, tea and other beverages arranged in the right meeting room at the right time for the right amount of people. And I'm thinking to myself what kind of hand movements and other gesticulations to make in order for me to be understood this time. To my great surprise, the a yi (who doesn't speak a word of English) actually showed up in the right meeting room at the right time with the right amount of coffee and tea and whatnot ^^ I was so happy that my "chop-chop-chop-Mando" was understandable.


I made progress! Yeay! Until... until... my feeling of happy-Mando-ness turned out to be only very short -- thanks to a taxi driver. So I'm on my way home and say the name of the street where I live as I usually pronounce it in a very understandable way hehe..."Chun Xiu Lu".. but for some weird reason this taxi driver goes..."Huh..shenma??".. So I repeat "Chun Xiu Lu".. and he still doesn't understand. So I'm like "Chuuuuuun Xiiiuuuu Luuuuu" moving my mouth in slow motion and he looks at me as if I think he's stupid o.Ô


So I pronounce the name of the other big street I live close to combined with "Chun Xiu Lu".. and then the taxi driver finally goes "Aahhh! Chun Xiu Lu!".. and I'm like "Yeah exactly dude... I just said the exact same name..." And guess what -- the taxi driver figured I'm fake Chinese so he decides to rip me off during the ride =D And he decides to do it right in front of my face haha! He presses the taximeter.."beep beep.." and the money all of a sudden jumps much faster than before he figured I'm fake Chinese.


So I'm looking at the taximeter jumping faster than I eat muffins... and think to myself... "How on earth am I gonna complain in Chinese and tell him I know he's cheating me" haha... looking back at it, I laugh cause he only ripped me off for like 5 or 6 kuai. But still... maybe it would have worked if I started complaining in Danish or Viet o.Ô


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Apr 10

Beder wrote:

haha, SuperTrinh, sorry for your crazy experience...it does happen sometimes...once I went to rural area in Beijing with Carol (assistant of P&C) to repair the boss's car, we have to left the car at vehicle-yard and get it back 2 days later, then we took a taxi back to office, after telling the driver "go to Ping-An Office at Yan-sha Bridge"...apparently my accent could not be more "local" anyhow, but the driver  drove to the opposite direction first and took a round route...I guess the driver might think these two of office young "children" perhaps do not exactly know the way as we were at rural area (you know Beijing is super big)...Then Carol and I just asked him "are you sure its the way? It's not our first time taking taxi for this trip, we are gonna prepare the fare price with previous after our arrival"...you could guess what happened next...


Even though, the most taxi drivers are good guys, and only very few of them are behaving so bad like that....next time you ask for the receipt (Fa Piao or Shou Ju) and write down the licence No.of that cab, see what happens then :)



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