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» Chinese Lesson No. 4


One of the most unforgettable and unexpected incidents... seriously -- really unexpected incidents in my Beijing life happened on Sunday... on a rainy and gloomy Sunday in Beijing. It seldom rains in Beijing but this day almost reminds me of Maroon 5 singing..."sunday morning raining is falling..." Anyways, back to the main story. 


So I'm off to see the doctor at the hospital early Sunday morning cause I've been postponing having my stomach checked for continuous pains whenever I eat. I've been dealing with it the past two weeks but was stubborn to go see the doctor cause I guessed the doctor would tell me it's due to the huge amount of cakes and muffins I eat anyways ^^


But I'm off to see the doctor... half sleeping cause it's early Sunday morning... and who would know that this morning would be a day that I most likely will never forget as part of my life in Beijing.


Who would know that I would fall... not just fall... but fall down into a freakin sewer! >.<


I'm sick already and on my way to see the doctor... and then what happens?!?! I'm dealing with enough pains already and then I end up with more pains... cause I fall half way into a sewer! 


Now, looking back at it I laugh cause who would ever think that people just fall into a sewer in Beijing... but then again, in that moment when it happened I was scared cause I couldn't move since the lid of the sewer was too heavy and pressing my leg. I guess I should add that I didn't fall all the way into the sewer but fell half way through cause one leg was stuck in it. The lid apparently flipped over o.Ô Luckily I didn't get seriously injured... quote from the doctor at the hospital "Do you want an x-ray of your leg?" and I'm like "What?!?"


So now... whenever I see a sewer in Beijing, I'm super scared and don't dare step on it. And there are freakin sewers everywhere in Beijing! So, you could imagine what the "Avoid-sewers-since-the-lid-apparently-flips-walk" looks like.


Lesson learned? Never assume that sewers are as safe to step on in Beijing as they are in Denmark... apparently the lid flips.


I'm just thinking now... I wonder how many children or chihuahuas have been disappearing in the sewer systems of Beijing... o.Ô



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Apr 22

Heather wrote:

glad you are ok....

try to notice your diet and see what foods/activities make your stomach hurt...most of the time doctors are not very useful and depends alot on what you tell them.


my car almost fell in a hole! hahahha funny we are sharing all our hole story!  I dropped  a friend off at airport at the break of dawn one morning in Houston.  was drving along and it's really stupid but they dig big wholes in the road and cover it with a metal sheet.. well that sheet was moved and the whole was exposed and I didnt have enought time to change lanes and had to just drive over it.  I had to just speed up and fortunatly my whole car didnt fall in...only my back tires and in the inpact of  it my brand new tires burst and I had to get new tires!

 lesson learned for all of us....dont walk over anything that might move!


where do you post your pictures?

Apr 22

gloria wrote:

hey trinh! omg i cant belive you fell into a sewer! i always thought those things were safe!!

omg..is your leg ok?? gee that is seriously the wierdest thing ever...

when does phuong get to beijing? missing you both heaps!! 

mwa gloria

Apr 22

Long wrote:

Lyder sku vildt ...men godt det ikke gik være til...

hvad er der med maven ???

Apr 21

SuperQ wrote:

HoLy CraB....!!


And I thought it was a good and nice surprise you have experienced?? Be careful Trinity, nobody is looking after you overthere...


So the sewer story really took all the attention on this one. Watch out for your stomach as well, I am a bit concerned about the oval-shaped part of your body, cause it has been weeks now, and still it hurts when you eat all the cakes and muffins Laughing... Don't push it too hard with all that working Trinh, don't take a risk with your health, cause little mom or super daddy is not overthere....hehe...


Du ved hvad jeg mener! PAS PÅ DIG SELV NU!!


Gider ikke sige det mere!



Apr 21

Sing wrote:

Maybe it's not the chinese engineering but the pressure put onto the lid that's the problem ^^ Ej... sygt Trinh... godt der ikke skete dig noget!
Apr 21

Phuong wrote:

Chinese engineering at it's best Yell
Apr 21

Que wrote:

Oh no! Please be careful of those sewers! Back at A&M, I broke my leg and it was such a drag to try and walk around the A&M campus for classes....so NOT handicap friendly.


I hope your doc visit went ok :) ! One of my classmates had tummy problems recently too and it ended up being that she had an extremely long colon for such a small person.

Apr 21

Peter wrote:

Wow crazy shit! Godt du ikke kom alvorligt til skade! Smile
Apr 21

Dorthe wrote:

Pas nu på dig selv søde Tutte - vi skal jo gerne have dig HEL hjem igen... eventuallyWink
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