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» "When in China, Do as in China"

"When in China, do as in China". This has kept me going in my continuous attempt to adapt to the Chinese everyday life.


But at some point, the challenges that result from the cultural differences make me realize that no matter how much I try to think and behave as much a possible as a Chinese -- I need to integrate successfully, yea? hehe -- I fail in many cases.


Spitting and hawking... I still need to catch up on that... but when it comes to toilet facilities, I think I'll never get used to it. Only to the extent where I really need to pee after having denied peeing for more than 2 hours, then I'm forced to go.


So... there's this fine sunny day in PingGu Park... and I really gotta pee but since I know what the toilet facilities might be like judging from the surroundings, I refuse to pee. So I keep on enjoying the sunny weather and hope to bump into something that might look like a decent toilet and still refuse to go pee... almost two hours pass and I realize that my stubbornness is getting weaker. 


Turns out that the only toilet facilities available is the little wooden kinda house I refused to go to more than two hours ago... so I got no other choice than to go to that one. When I enter the toilet, I realize that there are no doors... and there's not even walls to separate the toilets! It's like... holes in a row! And the girls in front of me just  queue up and I'm like "Eehh...am I the only one who can see there are no walls or doors?!" o.Ô 


So I'm like "No no no... I can't do this". But my blatter couldn't take it no more... So the next thing I knew was... "Eehh... hi there... neighbor...??"



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Jul 23

Marie wrote:

Hey Trinh


Hehe ja det er svært med toilet facillitterne. Gætter på at kvaliteten er den samme som i Vietnam ;)... eller Roskilde Festival for den sags skyld. 

Kommer der ellers snart nogen ny updates?? Håber du har det godt.

Kæmpe knus herfra

May 20

Yike wrote:

hey, you know not every Chinese girl can tolerate poor toilet facilities here either. haha. remember my team went to the paintball thing last saturday? the toilet was soooooo awful that even i really needed to pee as a result of the anxiety and nervousness before the battle, i still held it for hours before we finally found a better toilet that i can make do with after the battle. that's the only part i dont like traveling in the suberbs.



May 13

Thanh wrote:

Hej Trinh
Det var godt gjort hehhe..
tror aldrig jeg ville vænne mig til det.. Laughing


May 12

Maria wrote:

Haha Trinh. Jeg vænnede mig da til det rimelig hurtigt. Dengang jeg gik i skole i Yangzhou, var der heller ikke døre (der var dog skillevæg), så pigerne der stod i kø stod og gloede bogstavelig talt på mig mens jeg tissede, eller hvad man nu kan finde på at lave sådan et sted. Føler med dig.. Det kan godt være de i Kina har store, høje bygninger, men bag dem, kan der gemme sig grusomme toiletfaciliteter ;) pouuha... held og lykke med toiletterne fremover =)
May 12

Hung wrote:

Hej trinh

Jag håller med dig det är dö äcklig på deras toa ibland t.,o,m jag inte klarar det trots jag är man hehe

May 12

Long wrote:

damm tut...men ja vi mænd har nogle fordele :P går det ellers godt derover..
May 12

david wrote:

sucks to be a girl huh :P
May 12

Michael Cummings wrote:

Hey Tu!

I got your email this morning about your blog, and I'm glad to see you're doing well and getting to see more of the world.  Its an exciting time for our generation as the rules are changing on so many levels allowing us to travel, network, experience, and just live life to the maximum.  

 I'll be going to South America soon for a three week test run in Peru, and I've been contemplating the thought of moving to Buenos Aires for a couple months.  I've been floating around Texas for the last year and doing a lot of traveling inside the states. 

 I'm just glad to see you are doing well.



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