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» 12 Months' of "Where-Are-You-From-But-You-Don't-Look-Danish"


Today marks the day I chose the path to enrich my life with adventures in China... Today marks the day I commenced a different chapter of my life... Today marks the day I truly chose to challenge my linguistic skills...


Today is exactly 1 year ago I set foot in China.


Time really flies... I felt like I just arrived in Beijing airport as was it yesterday -- really excited and ready to embrace every challenge.


I realize that the longer I stay in China, the more I understand people, cultural differences and the various ways of perceiving what is right or wrong... or maybe I should say what is considered to be "normal". Everything is relative hehe.


I feel grateful for the experiences that enrich my life with memories of various character... from weird "there-are-no-freaking-doors-to-seperate-the-toilet-booths" realizations to funny taxi drivers' "where-are-u-from-but-u-don't-look-Danish" questions. From a yi's who want to share their combs with me or "wouldn't-you-be-interested-in-meeting-my-son" to unstable tippy sewers. These are some of the most unforgettable moments in my life. Not to mention the people whose roads cross my journey through life. They all have an influence on my life -- whether I meet these people briefly or for a longer time.


The concept of time passing by quicker than imaginable is certainly something I feel here in Beijing. Friendships I feel I just made yesterday almost happened a year ago. I cherish every moment I get to experience. Thank you for sharing great memories with me.


Anni and Qi... thanks for sharing some of the most unforgettable moments... I miss you guys





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Oct 12

Mary wrote:

wow.. kan ikke tro at der allerede er gået et år siden du forlod os.

Glæder mig at høre at du er faldet så godt til, og få så mange dejlig og mindeværdige oplevelser <3

Jeg tager en uge til Beijing i starten af februar næste år, så håber jeg får mulighed for at møde dig der til noget sjov og ballade Cool


Jeg håber alt er vel.

Kærlig hilsen Mary


ps. Hver gang jeg får "where-are-you-from-but-don't-look-Danish" spørgsmål, kigger jeg altid helt seriøs på dem og si'r: "you really think so?!! I haven't noticed it before", og efterlader dem med et halvtminuts overraskende ansigtsudtryk og et spørgende blik ;D

Sep 6

Peter wrote:


Nå så blogger stadig en gang imellem, var lige ved at tro du var holdt op!


Godt at det går godt derovre Smile

Sep 2

Michael Cummings wrote:



I'm so happy you're getting to experience some of the things you've done.  I look back on everything I've done over the last several years and I am thankful for all of it.  Time has flown by when I look at the long distance, but in a short term mindset, things that happened earlier this week seem to have happened so long ago.  Time is a strange and relative measurement.  I miss you friend and hope we get to catch up sometime in the future...



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