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From Chinsukous in Okinawa To Pineapple Cakes in Taipei… to Real Tidbits in Hong Kong


It wouldn’t surprise me if the majority of people would agree with me that a holiday is probably one of the best ways to regain a relaxed mind and catch up on the long lost hours of sleep. National Holidays in China in the beginning of October has now passed… yea.. I know..you’re counting the days and thinking “but it’s already November and she’s putting up a post about something that happened in the beginning of last month”… I’m not quick at updating my blog. 


But… National Holidays meant more or less one week off for me – yeay! 


Where there is food and sweets, there is Trinh. 


So, off I went on my journey of discovering yummy food. The beginning of my food and sweets trail took me travelling to the lovely Okinawa islands in the far southern part of Japan, which was such an exotic experience with the oceanic blue and white sands coloring my view. During my trip in Okinawa, I discovered a really yummy type of cookie called chinsukou. They’re sweet and consist of the special sea salt from Okinawa.


One thing I have difficulties getting used to is sea cucumbers… and it’s a delicacy in Asia…apparently… so it’s really challenging my patience every time I see sea cucumbers poppin up in my face whenever I turn the pages of the restaurant menus. Another thing I’ve learned is that scuba diving in Okinawa is not the best way to become better friends with these sea creatures! 


For some reason, I kept on sinking when diving… and of course I happened to sink whenever I came close to these big fatty sea cucumbers on the sea bottom and I was so scared of getting close to them! And it doesn’t work to freak out underneath water since it’ll make you sink even faster and closer to these spiny-sausage looking yucky kinda creatures.


I haven’t gotten tired of the chinsukou cookies but I happened to discover that Taiwan has a really scrumptious type of cake called pineapple cake -- sweet and soft with pineapple in the middle. So, my food and sweets trail made me continue my travelling to Taipei. Taipei is also famous for its BBQ snack food so of course I had to try that out. Not learning from my previous experience on my stomach’s tendency of not always being willing to cooperate when I try out too exotic food, I jumped right in and tried out some BBQ’ed snack food. Two hours later… I puked it up again… but it was worth it hehe.


From chinsukou cookies to pineapple cakes… and loads of candies in between hehe… I really had the munchies so my food and sweets trail took me to Hong Kong.  


Here I managed to find the overarching tidbit of all tidbits! 


While munching on a lip-smacking egg tart… enjoying the creamy cream… my attention was suddenly caught by something even more yummy! I froze totally… couldn’t move my legs… my heart was throbbing away…


In front of me was the best tidbit on my entire food and sweets trail… NICHOLAS TSE!


Yes -- you read correctly – I was standing less than 1 meter away from Hong Kong movie star Nicholas Tse! And what did I do?? I totally froze… of course…


It’s not everyday that my food and sweets trail ends with such sweet and yummy dessert (:


I wonder when I get the chance to see Daniel Wu   o.Ô



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Comments for My Food & Sweets Trail

Dec 9

Gloria wrote:

hey trinh!

wow, it sounds like you're having an awesome adventure travelling around Asia! 

and you saw nic tse! woot! is he super cute in real life? i must say i love daniel wu more...but even better is daniel henney!! hehe

 I hope work is treating you well in Beijing! Hope that tess, u, phuong n i can hang out some point in the near future :) hopefully me and tess will go to europe soon..and maybe we can do some travelling together :)


take care! 


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